Special Techniques


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Activities and support provided by Special Techniques Service

  • development of detection techniques for ultra-low levels of radioactivity and rare nuclear processes;

  • material selection for the experiments installed in the underground laboratories to guarantee the least amount of intrinsic radioactivity;

  • measurement of samples of scientific interest (e.g. meteorites, crystals);

  • measurement of natural radioactivity in environmental samples and building and construction materials;

  • Radon monitoring with active radon detectors.

The measurement techniques employed are gamma-ray spectroscopy with several high purity Germanium detectors, alpha spectroscopy with silicon PIPS detectors, and alpha/beta spectroscopy with liquid scintillation counters.

Since 2006 the laboratory is participating regularly to national international intercomparison exercises organized by accredited institutions (e.g. ENEA, IAEA).

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