Happy Birthday Prof. Zichichi!

90 years ago, the scientist Antonino Zichichi, founder of the Gran Sasso National Laboratory, was born. The Laboratory staff wishes Prof. Zichichi to keep on his scientific activity for many years ahead, with success and satisfaction.











A few images of Prof. Zichichi in the Laboratory

zichichi lunardi

Working on the "Gran Sasso" Project - early 80's


zichichi rubbia 2009

Visiting the Laboratory at the beginning of its activity with Prof. Carlo Rubbia - late 80's


presid repub scalfaro114

The President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro visits the Laboratory - 1993



Working on LVD experiment



 Lectio Magistralis



The Research Minister Fabio Mussi visits the lab. - 2006


visita Mattarella 13

The President Sergio Mattarella visits the Laboratory - 2018

REIS - 15.10.2019