Getting Help

 The LNGS IT staff can help you on issues relate to:

  • Manangement of the LAN network in the external and underground Laboratories, including the network infrastructure
  • Managenent of the wireless network
  • Connection to the geografical networks
  • Network security
  • Electronic mail service and mailing lists
  • Development and management of the U-Lite infrastructure providing central computing resources to the scientific community (public login, batch, backup..)
  • Development and management of the Authentication and Authorization system
  • Development and management of cloud and VM hosting services for experiments and groups
  • Management of the web hosting system for the official web sites of services and experiments
  • Management of the public videoconference and streming systems
  • Development and management of the official timing system

 Technical information can be found on the Service site at

The CNS staff can be reached at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Computing and Network Service (CNS) offers a helpdesk service for installing and configuring supported software on personal desktop computers.

The requests for installation and configuration of users' PCs must be created through the ticketing system accessible at the following link: Helpdesk.

Here is a list of supported software products:

  • Operating systems Windows XP Scientific Linux Mac OSX
  • Web Browsers Internet Explorer Mozilla firefox
  • Mail Clients Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Antivirus Sophos
  • Office Automation Microsoft Office OpenOffice Acrobat
  • Scientific Software PAW Root Mathematica
  • Filesystems OpenAFS

We remind users that before purchasing their own desktop computer they must make sure that every component (mainboard, network card, video card, monitor, etc.) is compatible with the operating system they want to install. Otherwise the helpdesk service will only install and configure components which are compatible with the chosen operating system.
In case of problems during software installation or configuration performed by the user or other persons not belonging to the CNS, the helpdesk service may decide to reinstall the operating system and the supported software, if convenient.
In case of hardware or software problems on personal desktop computers that cause data loss or corruption, the helpdesk service can only recover data from the periodic backup performed by the user (or from tape if the central backup system is used).
In case of requests to the helpdesk service that require prolonged work on a computer (such as the installation of the operating system), the user will have to carry the computer to the CNS offices where the helpdesk service usually operates.
Users that are also administrators of their own desktop computer should normally use it as non privileged user, using privileged access only when really required. The CNS expects users that are also administrators of their own desktop computer not to rely on the helpdesk service for everyday computer administration tasks.