Gran Sasso National Laboratories (LNGS) pursue the prior and general objective of ensuring the balance between the scientific research's aims and the safeguard's needs of workers, population and environment.

Gran Sasso National Laboratories (LNGS) are engaged in:

  • preventing major accidents for the safeguard of people;
  • pursuing the "zero injuries" objective and minimizing the exposure of the personnel to risk agents;
  • ensuring the observance of law regulations and of the most advanced safety standards;
  • promoting in a proactive way the best technologies and the best safety technical practices;
  • supporting and motivating personnel in the promotion of safety also through the implementation of the suggested internal and external improvements;
  • managing safety as a critical part of their activities, considering it a primary element in the evaluation of professional performance;
  • creating and verifying a progressive improvement of the real and current safety through the Safety Management System.

In order to reach the above mentioned objectives (goals) the Gran Sasso National Laboratories:

  • use systems and working procedures to ensure the integrity of their activities;
  • have an organizational structure with clear tasks and responsibilities;
  • take care of the information, formation and training of their personnel;
  • ensure compliance with the safety and health regulation, spreading awareness at all levels;
  • verify and evaluate, in terms of safety, the reliability of contractors and suppliers;
  • regularly identify major accident hazards associated with their activities, taking appropriate preventive measures and using standard of recognized validity and formal procedures within the Safety Management System;
  • record and update information related to safety;
  • lead the plants within clearly defined parameters, using risk assessment methodologies for the evaluation and authorization of non-routine operations;
  • verify that both the design and construction of new plants and the changes to processes and equipment are supported by a risk assessment;
  • have emergency plans, appropriate equipment, facilities and trained personnel, which can protect the personnel, the public, the workplace and those who work in the Laboratories, in the case of an operational anomaly and / or a major accident;
  • submit emergency plans to a systematic review;
  • undertake to implement, document and continuously optimize theSafety Management System;
  • are engaged to work in order to ensure that the policy is understood, implemented and supported at all levels of the company;
  • undertake to apply evaluation's systems of theSafety Management Systemin order to monitor the implementation of this policy by conducting periodical "audit".