Scientific Committee


The Scientific Committee is established in accordance with the 24th article of the Constitution of I.N.F.N. and its function is specified in the disposition n. 5170 by the Governing Council. 
Its goal is to express opinions and proposals to the Director about the scientific directions of the Laboratory, about the experiments and their approval, taking into consideration the available resources, the underground spaces and the proposed duration, according to the Director's dispositions.
 The Scientific Committee is composed by scientific personalities chosen among the national and international community; it is appointed by the I.N.F.N. President on a proposal of the L.N.G.S. Director and after a disposition by the Governing Council. The Committee members are appointed for three years and can be re-appointed consecutively for a second term only once.

The current composition of the Scientific Committee is the following:

Tatsuya NAKADA (Chairman)        


Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)

Almudena ARCONES


Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany)



University of Torino and Sezione INFN di Torino (Italy)

Sotiris LOUCATOS                 


Institut de recherche sur le lois fondamentales de l'Univers - CEA Saclay (France)

Teresa MONTARULI                          


Université de Genève (Switzerland)

Anthony NOBLE           


Queen's University - Kingston (Canada)

Laura PATRIZII             


Sezione INFN - Bologna (Italy)

Ezio PREVITALI                           


Sezione INFN - Milano Bicocca (Italy)

Christian WEINHEIMER                     

 Institut für Kernphysik - Univ. Münster (Germany)

The Scientific Committee email address is: cslngs[at]          

It is a moderated list.

Dates of the next meeting: March 26-27, 2018



Any document to be considered in a meeting of the Scientific Committee must reach the LNGS at lest two weeks before the meeting. Such documents must get a quotable number that will be obtained upon request to the Director's Office. The LNGS will take care of delivering the documents to the Committee members.

Documents, requests or communications must be sent to: direzione[at] and paolo.gorla[at]