NOA - Nuova Officina Assergi

The Functional Unit has the purpose of coordinating some of the infrastructures of the Gran Sasso National Laboratories in order to satisfy some specific needs of the experiments and the Laboratories themselves.

Tasks and activities of the Functional Unit:

  • management of the clean room in the Assembly Hall, guaranteeing its functionality over time; and in co-operation with the Technical Division; 

  • organization and management of demands for use of the clean room itself in the Assembly Hall, on the basis of requests from the experiments and any external users;

  • management, maintenance and updating of the instrumentation and equipment inside the clean room in the Assembly Hall.

 The Nuova Officina Assergi Functional Unit is organized with:

  • Clean room "department", which takes care of the management and maintenance of the clean room and its ancillary plants in the Assembly Hall;
  • Silicon components preparation "department", which takes care of the management and operation of advanced handling systems for silicon components.