The LNGS VPN service provides secure access to the internal network resources of the Labs for users connecting from other sites.
Authentication on the LNGS VPN service is based on the same credentials (username and password) used to access the Labs' public machines (e.g., linux.lngs.infn.it). Moreover, only authorised users may use the VPN service. To request credentials and/or authorisation, send an e-mail to JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING
VPN access to the Labs' LAN is possible either through the web (WebVPN), or by means of a software client that you have to install and configure on your PC.

The WebVPN interface allows access to the private web pages of the Labs. Through the WebVPN service, users may also get access to external sites where access is restricted to connections coming from LNGS (e.g., scientific journal portals). 

To connect to the WebVPN interface, just open a browser window, go to https://netgate.lngs.infn.it and provide your VPN credentials. 

Connecting through the VPN client provides access to all the Labs' network LAN resources (e.g., machines with private IP addresses, printers, etc.). By means of a VPN connection, it is also possible to use, outside of LNGS, those packages that require a network licence, such as Mathematica, MatLab or Autodesk products.

Instructions to install and configure a VPN client are available at https://secure.lngs.infn.it/wiki/doku.php?id=vpn:startThis page requires providing your VPN credentials as well.