The LNGS Mechanics Service is responsible for the designing and manufacturing of structures, mechanical components together with vacuum and cryogenic circuits for physics experiments.

The manufacturing is carried out in the Mechanics Workshop, which is an integral part of the service.

The construction of the mechanical components is achieved by the use of either conventional or CNC machine tools. 3D Cad CATIA V5 software is used for designing.

In the Mechanics Workshop TIG welding is used for high vacuum systems, coated electrode welding; oxyacetilene welding is used for other applications.

The Service gives mechanical support to the experimental teams at LNGS and offers assistance to those based in other INFN sites that use the Mechanics Workshop.

The Mechanics Service staff deal with the management and maintenance of machinery installed in the Mechanics Workshop.



JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING (Head of Service)

Simone Cioccolini




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