Experiment Support




The Experiment Support Service acts as an intermediary between the Research Division, the experimental collaborations and the Technical and General Services Division, providing logistic and technical support.

The Service gives recommendations to the experimental collaborations for planning, drawing and building of civil structure and system, in compliance with the general rules and the technical laws.

The Service, by its complementary technicians, offers:

  • Preliminary feasibility studies of new works, and related space, facilities, and resource optimization, in both underground and outside laboratories, upon experimental collaboration specific requests;
  • Design and work coordination for structures and systems (Control Rooms, support plants, maintenance works and existing structures adaptations) for experiments;
  • Underground and outside laboratories site management;
  • Experimental apparatuses decommissioning management and coordination.


  • Ordinary and extraordinary helium liquefaction plant management, currently in support of some underground experiments;
  • External contract accounting related to services provided to experimental collaborations.



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