Mac OS X Istructions

At the top right side of your screen and click the Wireless icon.

Click the AirPort icon on your toolbar and select Open Network Preferences.




 On the Network window, select AirPort and click the Advanced button.




On the 802.1X tab, click the plus (+) button in the lower left corner and select Add User Profile.




Enter the user profile information:

  • Type eduroam or INFN-dot1x in the filed on the left box beneath User Profile.
  • Enter your username in the User Name field.
  • Make sure EAP-TTLS is only box checked in Authentication box. Push the Configure button and select PAP as authentication method for client.
  • Select eduroam or INFN-dot1x network;
  • Select WPA2-Enterprise in Security type.
  • Click Ok.

Click the Apply button.


Click the Advanced button again and click the Airport option on the top of the Network window.




Click the + button to add a network.

Enter the network information:

  • Network Name: eduroam or INFN-dot1x.
  • Security: WAP2 Enterprise
  • User Name: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Password: <user password>
  • 802.1X: eduroam or INFN-dot1x
  • Click the Add button

Drag eduroam or INFN-dot1x to the top of the Preferred Networks list and click OK.




Click the Apply button.




You should now be able to connect to the wireless network.

Click the AirPort icon on your toolbar and select the network you have just configured. In the login windows insert your credentials as see the next figure.