Access to LAN network

IP addresses must be asked for, preferably via e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), by a representative of the experimental collaboration.
The request must include the MAC address of the computer to be connected to the LNGS LAN, the full name of the user, the experimental collaboration and a valid e-mail address.
For security reasons the CNS assigns IP addresses which are not directly accessible from the internet. A limited number of addresses that are directly accessible from the internet may be assigned in order to permit remote control of the experiments, data transfer or the publishing of the experiment web site.
Users are bound to strictly follow the indications that the CNS gives for the network configuration on their desktop computer. Any abuse may involve disconnection of the computer from the LNGS LAN. Network interface configuration should be done using DHCP, such that IP numbers and all network configuration data will be provided by the DHCP server.
For security reasons using modems which are enabled to receive external calls on computers that are also connected to the LNGS lan is forbidden.


How to find the computer's Mac Address

Follow these steps to quickly find MAC address of a computer running Windows, Linux or Mac.

  1. Windows
  2. Linux
  3. MAC