E-mail Configuration

E-mail messages for the lngs.infn.it domain pass through the smtp.lngs.infn.it mail server that delivers them to gsmail.lngs.infn.it IMAP server, which acts as an e-mail container.
So, an user can access his email on the gsmail.lngs.infn.it server from any node on the local network or from any external node via the IMAPS protocol.

Alternatively, an user can access his email using any web browser that supports https protocol.

The following tables list the configurations for e-mails client.


Incoming Server gsmail.lngs.infn.it  
Protocol and Port IMAP on 993 port (SSL/TLS) We recommend using "normal password" option
User Name The user name (username) is not necessarily equal to the email address.

Usually, the surname is used as the username whereas the email address is something similar than name.surname@lngs.infn.it.


Outgoing Server smtp.lngs.infn.it  
Protocol and Port SMTP on 25 port It is not yet requested authentication within LAN laboratory


For laptops and smartphones, set the outgoing server with authentication (used outside LNGS).


Outgoing Server smtp2.lngs.infn.it  
Protocol and Port SSL on 465 port
User Name Use the same username as incoming The mail address must be equal to that assigned (eg:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



Users can access their email accounts via webmail using the http://gsmail.lngs.infn.it URL.
After using their credentials, users will access the SquirrelMail
application that serves as a graphical interface of the IMAP server.