Barry C. Barish' return to L'Aquila

A special guest at Gran Sasso Science Institute for the inauguration of the 2017/2018 Academic Year: the Nobel Prize Barry C. Barish held a Lectio Magistralis entitled “The detection of gravitational waves” among the GSSI researchers which have contributed to the discovery.

Indeed for Barry C. Barish this is a “return” to L’Aquila.
As a matter of fact, as from the end of 80s, he has directed the US collaboration of MACRO experiment at LNGS….“My research interests are in both particle physics and gravitation. In particle physics my colleagues and I developed a large underground project at the MACRO experiment at Gran Sasso, Italy, to search for very heavy magnetic monopoles predicted in grand unified theories, and to probe a variety of other problems in the emerging area of particle astrophysics. MACRO provided some of the key evidence that neutrinos have mass and undergo neutrino oscillations”…
MACRO, installed in 1987, has been running from 1989 to 2000.



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