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LNGS Accelerator Service

  • The Accelerator Service of the LNGS is in charge of management and operation of the accelerators installed at the Gran Sasso National Laboratories including the transport of the beams to the measurement devices of the research groups.

    Duties and activities of the Accelerator Service:

    • Coordinates technical activities related to the infrastructure operating the accelerators;
    • interacts with groups interested in conducting activities at the accelerators in order to ensure the full success of the proposed research activities;
    • handles the maintenance of the LUNA 400 electrostatic accelerator;
    • takes care of the maintenance, operation and development of the infrafrstructures related to the Bellotti Ion Beam Facility;
    • communicates and interacts directly with the Program Advisory Committee appointed within the Scientific Committee of LNGS ( in order to ensure the proper scheduling of research activities for the Bellotti Ion Beam Facility;
    • promotes infrastructure activities by making evident the technical and scientific potential related to the accelerators in the laboratory.

    LNGS Accelerator Service Staff.

    Matthias Junker (Head of the Service)

    Donatello Ciccotti

    Massimo Orsini

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.