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DarkSide-50 is a dual-phase argon Time Projection Chamber (TPC), developed for use in a search for direct evidence of dark matter. The experiment is housed in Hall C of the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, underneath the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park, and has been online since October 2013.


Description of the detector and related techniques


DarkSide-50 is a dual-phase argon TPC. Thirty-eight 3" Hamamatsu low-background R11065 PMTs (photomultiplier tubes), 19 each on the top and the bottom, view the active region through fused silica windows. The windows are coated on both sides with Indium Tin Oxide, ITO, a transparent conductor. This allows the inner window surfaces to serve as the grounded anode (top) and -60 KV cathode (bottom) of the TPC while maintaining their outer surfaces near the -1.5 KV PMT photocathode potential.

A gas layer for production of the electrolumnescence signature is provided by a cylindrical rim on the fused silica anode window, which extends downward to form a “diving bell” containing the 2cm-thick argon vapor layer (“gas pocket”) above the TPC drift volume. The cylindrical vessel containing the active region is made of PTFE, treated to be highly reflective at visible wavelengths. The entire inner surface of the active volume is coated with the wavelength shifter TetraPhenylButadiene (TPB) to convert the 128nm argon scintillation into the wavelength range detectable by the PMTs. The drift field is produced by system consisting of the ITO cathode and anode planes, a field cage, and a grid that separates the drift and electron extraction regions.
The DarkSide-50 TPC is deployed within a borated liquid scintillator-based neutron veto (LSV), which is in turn inside a water Cherenkov muon veto. This not only gives DarkSide-50 the benefits of active background suppression, but also gives us direct experience in operating a low background experiment in these active shields, in preparation for future upgrades.
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An updated list of the Collaboration can be found here: http://darkside.lngs.infn.it/collaboration/



Recent publications


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