Nuclei in the Cosmos XV

The conference is the fifteenth in the Nuclei in the Cosmos (NIC) biennial series. The focus of the NIC XV conference will be the cross-fertilization of nuclear physics research with astrophysical topics.

The conference aims to address the current major achievements in nuclear physics, astrophysics, astronomy, cosmo-chemistry and neutrino physics that provide the necessary framework for any microscopic understanding of astrophysical processes, as well as for discussing the future directions and perspectives in the various fields of Nuclear Astrophysics research.

Thus the NIC XV program will consist of invited review talks and selected oral and poster contributions on important experimental and theoretical results in nuclear, particle and astrophysics researches, as well as a detailed and thorough exposition of the modern challenges in nuclear astrophysical scenarios.

In addition a limited number of talks of more general interest about Double Beta Decay, Dark Matter, will be included in the conference program to provide an overview of different aspects of underground physics.
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Location LNGS "E. Fermi" conference room
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