The Low-Level Radioactivity Measurement Techniques (LLRMT) 2022 Conference is a five-day topical meeting of the International Committee for Radionuclide Metrology (ICRM). INFN-LNGS is pleased to host the conference at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, Assergi, May 02-06, 2022.

The ICRM working group for Low-Level Measurements Techniques (LLMT) examines techniques to enable the detection of ever lower amounts of radioactivity. This enables for example collecting smaller samples and realising new applications involving radionuclides. The working group focuses on metrology and the latest developments in a variety of areas, including measurement of environmental radioactivity, radionuclides in food and drinking water, reference materials characterisation, tracer studies and nuclear physics research. It is planned to publish the conference proceedings in a refereed scientific journal.

The conference brings together 130-150 worldwide experts for presentations and discussion covering the techniques, applications and data in the field of low-level radioactivity measurement. It will be the first time that a conference in this series will be hosted in the Italy.

Scientific Programme

  • Applications
  • Fundamental Physics
  • Low level γ spectrometry
  • Noble gases
  • Non-radiometric techniques
  • Quality and Intercomparisons
  • Radiochemistry
  • Techniques for low-level α, β and γ measurements
  • Thematic Session 1 – Studies of climate change
  • Thematic Session 2 – Emergency preparedness
  • Thematic Session 3 – Future ISO/CEN/IEC standards
Location Auditorium "E. Fermi"
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