R. Brugnera - Final result of the GERDA search for 0νββ decay of 76Ge

The GERDA experiment, located in the underground Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, aims for the discovery of neutrinoless double-beta (0νββ) decay in 76Ge. It uses up to 44 kg of HPGe detectors enriched in the isotope 76Ge, which are deployed into ultra-pure cryogenic liquid argon. The combination of powerful background suppression techniques (readout of the liquid argon scintillation light, pulse shape discrimination) together with an excellent energy resolution has permitted GERDA to be the first background-free 0νββ experiment. Moreover in the past years it reported the highest sensitivity on the half-life of 0νββ decay and the lowest background index in the region of interest. At the end of last year GERDA completed its data taking collecting an exposure of more than 100 kg*yr. In the talk the final result of the GERDA search for 0νββ decay of 76Ge will be presented.

On July 1st the GERDA final result will be presented by Yoann Kermaidic during the Neutrino conference.
R. Brugnera
Padova University & INFN
Spokesperson of the GERDA experiment