Annual Report


 Annual Report:

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Here below the list of all the available Preprints of the Laboratory.

To receive a copy of one or more publications (starting from 1998 to 2004), write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting reference number, title and year of publication.


LNGS/TC-01/18 *October 18*
Proposta di installazione orologio UTC, Laboratori del Gran Sasso - 1987
V. Bisi e O.Saavedra (pdf)


LNGS/TH-01/12 *January 12*
Is it possible to rescue superluminal neutrinos?*
F. Vissani (pdf)


LNGS/TC-01/11 *September 11*
U-LITE Unified LNGS IT Environment: a proposal for scientific computing at LNGS
S. Parlati, P. Spinnato, S. Stalio (pdf)


LNGS/TH-02/10 *November 10*
The diffuse supernova neutrino background: Expectations and
theoretical uncertainties from SN1987A
F. Vissani and G. Pagliaroli (pdf)

LNGS/TH-01/10 *February 10*
Neutrino mass bound in the standard scenario
for supernova electronic antineutrino emission
G. Pagliaroli, F. Rossi-Torres, F. Vissani (pdf)


LNGS/TC-01/09 *September 09*
Indagine sui servizi offerti dai Servizi Calcolo dell’INFN
Sandra Parlati, Piero Spinnato (pdf)

LNGS/TH-01/09 *February 09*
The likelihhod for supernova neutrino analysis
Ianni, Pagliaroli, Strumia, Torres, Villante and Vissani (pdf)


LNGS/TC-01/08 *October 08*
Analisi delle prestazioni del collegamento di rete tra i laboratori esterni e quelli sotterranei dei LNGS
P.Spinnato (pdf)

LNGS/EXP-02/08 *August 08*
A Low background facility inside the LVD detector at Gran Sasso
F. Arneodo, G. Bruno, S. Fattori, W. Fulgione (pdf)

LNGS/TH-01/08 *April 08*
Improved analysis of SN1987A
Pagliaroli, Vissani, Costantini and Ianni (pdf)


LNGS/EXP-01/07 *May 07*
First CNGS events detected by LVD
LVD collaboration (pdf)

LNGS/TC-02/07 *January 07*
Verifica FEM degli sforzi e delle deformazioni del sistema di ancoraggio e livellamento del detector XENON 010
D. Orlandi e E. Tatananni (pdf)

LNGS/TC-01/07 *January 07*
Analisi statica e dinamica agli Elementi Finiti del sistema di supporto BGO dell'esperimento LUNA
D. Orlandi e E. Tatananni (pdf)


LNGS/GEO-01/06 *September 06*
Characteristics of the Gran sasso INFN lab groundwater (inferred from 1996-1998 spot sampling data) to fine-tune the conceptual model of water-rock interaction in carbonate aquifers
R. Adinolfi Falcone et al. (pdf)

LNGS/EXP-04/06 *July 06*
Monte Carlo evaluation of the muon-induced background in the GERDA Double Beta Decay experiment
L. Pandola et al. (pdf)

LNGS/TC-02/06 *June 06*
V-DAS (A Versatile Data Acquisition Software) The interface to the VME bus and the configuration file interpreter
M. Di Paolo Emilio, Stefano Stalio (pdf)

LNGS/TC-01/06 *June 06*
V-DAS (A Versatile Data Acquisition Software) The user interfaces
M. Di Paolo Emilio, Stefano Stalio (pdf)

LNGS/EXP-02/06 *April 06*
Gamma-Ray spectrometry of soil samples from the provincia dell'Aquila (central Italy)
E. Bellotti et al. (pdf)

LNGS/EXP-01/06 *April 06*
Purity measurements in Liquid Xenon. Electron lifetime dependence on circulation time and rate
A. Ferella et al. (pdf)



LNGS/EXP-08/04 *September 04*
Response of low-noise miniaturized proportional counters in the keV region
P.Belli et al. (ps, pdf)

LNGS/EXP-07/04 *September 04*
Formulation of an indium loaded liquid scintillator by means of indium extraction in trimethylbenzene by C3-C5 carboxylic acids and NOPC
C.Cattadori et al. (ps, pdf)

LNGS/EXP-06/04 *September 04*
A novel formulation for an indium loaded organic liquid scintillator based on indium extraction by C6-C8 carboxilic acids
C.Cattadori et al. (ps, pdf)

LNGS/EXP-05/04 *July 04*
Observation of β decay of  115In to the first excited level of  115Sn
C.M.Cattadori et al. (ps, pdf)

LNGS/EXP-04/04 *July 04*
Search for time modulations in the Gallex/GNO solar neutrino data
L.Pandola (ps, pdf)

LNGS/TC-01/04 *June 04*
Geant4 and its validation
L. Pandola (ps, pdf)

LNGS/EXP-03/04 *April 04*
Results from GNO, the gallium experiment on solar neutrino at Gran Sasso
GNO Collaboration (ps, pdf)

LNGS/EXP-02/04 *April 04*
Measurement of the Radon concentration in the water from the Gran Sasso fault
G.Colombo et al. (ps, pdf)

LNGS/GEO-01/04 *April 04*
Natural radioactivity of some paleosols from the Gran Sasso Range in the Italian Abruzzi - First results
M.Laubenstein, D.Magaldi (ps, pdf)


LNGS/EXP-09/03 *November 2003*
Atmospheric muon flux measurements at the external site of the Gran Sasso Lab
E.Barbuto et al. (ps, pdf)

LNGS/EXP-08/03 *October 2003*
The search for rare processes with DAMA/LXe
R. Bernabei et al. (ps, pdf)

LNGS/EXP-06/03 *April 2003*
Neural network pulse shape analysis for proportional counters events
C.Cattadori, N.Ferrari, L.Pandola (ps, pdf)

LNGS/BIO-01/03 *April 2003*
Influence of a low background radiation environment on biochemical and biological responses in V79 cells.
L.Satta, F.Antonelli, M.Belli, O.Sapora, G.Simone et al (pdf)

LNGS/EXP-05/03 *March 03*
CNGS beam monitor with the LVD detector.
LVD Collaboration (ps, pdf)

LNGS/EXP-04/03 *February 03*
Maximum likelihood analysis of the first KamLAND results
A.Ianni (ps, pdf)

LNGS/EXP-03/03 *February 03*
Non-standard contributions to n-e elastic scattering from solar neutrinos observations and LSND cross section measurement
A.Ianni (ps, pdf)

LNGS/EXP-02/03 *February 03*
Anisotropic scintillators for WIMP direct detection: revisited
R.Bernabei, P.Belli, F.Nozzoli, A.Incicchitti (ps, pdf)

LNGS/EXP-01/03 *February 03*
Maximum-likelihood analysis and goodness-of-fit estimation in low count-rate experiments: 85Kr b activity in the test facility of the Borexino detector and double beta decay of  76Ge in the Heidelberg-Moscow experiment
A. Ianni (ps, pdf)


LNGS/EXP-03/02 *December 02*
Performances of a CeF3 crystal scintillator and its application to the search for rare processes
P.Belli et al. (ps, pdf)


INFN/TC-01/20 *December 01*
A new control system for the LNGS atomic clock
S. Parlati (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-01/19 *November 01*
Search for ββ decay in 136 Xe at Gran Sasso
R.Bernabei et al. (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-01/18 *September 01*
Search for the solar pp-neutrinos with an upgrade of CTF detector
O.Smirnov, O.Zaimidoroga, A.Derbin (ps, pdf)

INFN/TH-01/02 *July 01*
Indirect Bounds on Z->µe and Lepton Flavor Violation at Future Colliders
D.Delepine, F.Vissani (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-01/17 *July 01*
Leptons with E > 200 MeV trapped in the Earth’s radiation belts
E.Fiandrini et al. (ps, pdf)

INFN/TH-01/03 *July 01*
A Statistical Approach to Leptonic Mixings and Neutrino Masses
Francesco Vissani (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-01/06-07 *June 01*
The EAS-TOP and Macro Collaboration - ICRC 2001:
Cover page (pdf)
Author list (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-01/06 *June 01*
The lateral distribution of Cherenkov light in 10-100 Tev primary proton showers (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-01/07 *June 01*
Cosmic Ray composition around the knee from EAS electromagnetic and muon data (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-01/05 *June 01*
Contribution of the EAS-TOP Collaboration to ICRC 2001:
Cover page (pdf)
Author list (ps, pdf)
Study of the composition around the knee through the electromagnetic and muon detectors data at EAS-TOP (ps, pdf)
The primary proton spectrum in the range 0.5 - 50 TeV from the observations of hadrons at EAS-TOP (ps, pdf)
A search for 20 - TeV γ -rays from the Crab Nebula with 10 years of EAS-TOP data (ps, pdf)
The EAS counting rate during thunderstorms (ps, pdf)

Contributions of the MACRO Collaboration to ICRC 2001:
Cover page (pdf)
Author list (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-01/08 *Jun 01*
Neutrino Astronomy with MACRO (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-01/09 *Jun 01*
Search for lightly ionizing particles with the MACRO detector (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-01/10 *Jun 01*
Results on high-energy atmospheric neutrino oscillations with MACRO (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-01/11 *Jun 01*
Measurement of the ratio double/single muon events as a function of rock depth with MACRO (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-01/12 *Jun 01*
Search for massive rare particles with MACRO (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-01/13 *Jun 01*
Use of Coulomb scattering for determining neutrino energies with MACRO (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-01/14 *Jun 01*
Low-energy atmospheric nm flux measurement with MACRO (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-01/15 *Jun 01*
Moon and Sun shadowing effect observed by MACRO (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-01/16 *Jun 01*
Search for solar diurnal and true sidereal modulations in MACRO (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-01/02 *April 01*
The liquid Xenon set-up of the DAMA experiment
R. Bernabei et al. (ps, pdf)

INFN/TH-01/01 *February 01*
Dynamical CP violation and FCNC processes
G.C.Branco, D.Delepine, R.Gonzalez Felipe (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-01/01 *January 01*
Investigating the DAMA annual modulation data in a mixed coupling framework
R. Bernabei et al. (ps, pdf)


INFN/TC-00/21 *December 00*
PcNets2000: A workshop aimed at discussing applicative, software, hardware aspects of cluster computing. (pdf)

INFN/AE-00/14 *November 00*
Status of Particle Astrophysics
Report of PANAGIC to IUPAP presented to the meeting of the Council and Commission Chairs of IUPAP - Beijing 6 October - Revised November 2000 (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-00/10 *October 00*
On the investigation of possible systematics in WIMP annual modulation search
R.Bernabei et al. (ps, pdf)

INFN/TC-00/18  *September 00*
Compensating the influence of the Earth’s Magnetic Field on the scintillator detector resolutions by PMTs orientation
A.Ianni et al. (ps, pdf)

INFN/TC-00/17  *September 00*
Resolutions of a large volume liquid scintillator detector
O.Ju.Smirnov (ps, pdf)

INFN/TC-00/16  *September 00*
Setting of the predefined multiplier gain of a photomiltiplier
O.Ju.Smirnov (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-00/06  *August 00*
Search for the nucleon and di-nucleon decay into invisible channels
R. Bernabei et al. (ps, pdf)

INFN/BE-00/03  *July 00*
High sensitivity 2b decay study of 116Cd and 100Mo with the BOREXINO Counting Test Facility (CAMEO project)
G.Bellini et al. (ps, pdf)

INFN/TH-00/03  *February 00*
Hidden Source of High Energy Neutrinos in Collapsing Galactic Nucleus
V.S.Berezinsky, V.I.Dokuchaev (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-00/03  *February 00*
Search for Eg >= 5 ·1013 eV g-ray transients through the BAKSAN and EAS-TOP correlated data
BAKSAN and EAS-TOP Collaborations (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-00/02 *February 00*
Study of UHE Cosmic Neutrinos through Horizontal Extensive Air Showers
EAS-TOP Collaboration (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-00/01  *February 00*
Search for WIMP annual modulation signature: results from DAMA/NaI-3 and DAMA/NaI-4 and the global combined analysis
DAMA Collaboration (ps, pdf)

INFN/TH-00/02  *January 00*
Superconducting Cosmic Strings as Gamma Ray Burst Engines
V.Berezinsky, B.Hnatyk, A.Vilenkin (ps, pdf)

INFN/TH-00/01  *January 00*
Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays from Topological Defects
V.Berezinsky (ps, pdf)


INFN/AE-99/24 *December 99*
Probing The Structure of Space-Time with CosmicRays
Roberto Aloisio, Pasquale Blasi, Piera L.Ghia, Aurelio F.Grillo (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-99/23 *November 99*
Non-baryonic Dark Matter Searches
Y.Ramachers (ps, pdf)

INFN/TH-99/04 *September 99*
Finite density [ might well be easier] at finite temperature.
Maria-Paola Lombardo (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-99/19 * September 99*
GRB990705: a detectable neutrino source?
The LVD collaboration (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-99/17 * September 99*
ICANOE Proposal (ps.gz, pdf)

INFN/TH-99/03 *September 99*
Interquark potential, susceptibilities and particle density of two color QCD at finite chemical potential and temperature
Maria-Paola Lombardo (ps, pdf)

INFN/TC-99/14 *Agosto 99*
A Glass Resistive Plate Chamber for Large Production
C.Gustavino, M.D'Incecco and E.Tatananni (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-99/16 *August 99*
Study of jet production in p-N interactions at Vs~500 GeV in EAS multicore events
The EAS-TOP Collaboration (ps, pdf)

Contributions of the MACRO Collaboration to the 1999 Summer Conferences:
Cover page (ps, pdf)
Author list (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-99/08 *June 99*
Search for Magnetic Monopoles with MACRO (ps,pdf)
INFN/AE-99/09 *June 99*
Neutrino Oscillation at High Energy by MACRO (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-99/10 *June 99*
Low Energy Atmospheric Neutrino events in MACRO (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-99/11 *June 99*
Macro as a Telescope for Neutrino Astronomy (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-99/12 *June 99*
Search for WIMPS Using Upward-Going Muons in MACRO (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-99/13 *June 99*
Search for Steady, Modulated and Variable Cosmic Ray Sources using Underground Muons in MACRO (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-99/14 *June 99*
Moon and Sun Shadowing Observed by the MACRO Detector (ps, pdf)
INFN/AE-99/15 *June 99*
Transition Radiation Detector in MACRO (ps,pdf)

INFN/TH-99/02 *June 99*
Deconfinement and non-zero baryon density
Maria-Paola Lombardo (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-99/07 *June 99*
Release of a new version (V.07-1) of the HEMAS-DPM Monte Carlo. Description and User Manual.
G.Battistoni, M.Carboni, C.Forti, J.Ranft (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-99/06 *May 99*
On the possibility of detecting the ne burst from the collapse of a neutron star into a black hole
W. Fulgione, G. Navarra (ps, pdf)

INFN/TC-99/09 *April 99*
Proceedings of the Workshop PC-NETS: Trends in Computer Architectures

INFN/AE-99/04 *January 99*
High statistics measurement of the underground muon pair separation at Gran Sasso
The MACRO Collaboration (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-99/01 *January 99*
Limits on dark matter WIMPs using upward-going muons in the MACRO detector
The MACRO Collaboration (ps, pdf)


INFN/AE-98/23 *November 98*
Performances of the ~100 kg NaI(Tl) set-up of the DAMA experiment at Gran Sasso
The DAMA collaboration (very large ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-98/22 *October 98*
The hadron calorimeter of EAS-TOP: operation, calibration and resolution.
The EAS-TOP Collaboration (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-98/21 *October 98*
The EAS Size Spectrum and the Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum in the region 1015-1016 eV
The Eastop Collaboration (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-98/20 *September 98*
On a further search for a yearly modulation of the rate in particle Dark Matter direct search
P. Belli et al. (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-98/19 *July 98*
Dal GranSasso al SuperMondo
L.Maiani, A.Zichichi

INFN/TC-98/18 *July 98*
Methods for precise photoelectron counting with photomultipliers
R. Dossi, A. Ianni, G. Ranucci, O.J. Smirnov (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-98/15 *July 98*
Measurement of the energy spectrum of underground muons at Gran Sasso with a transition radiation detector
The MACRO Collaboration (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-98/14  *July 98*
Observation of the Shadowing of Cosmic Rays by the Moon using a Deep Underground Detector
The MACRO Collaboration (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-98/13 *July 98*
Measurement of the atmospheric neutrino-induced upgoing muon flux using MACRO
The MACRO Collaboration (ps, pdf)

INFN/TH-98/04  *June 98*
Limiting SUSY-QCD spectrum and its application for decays of superheavy particles
V. Berezinsky and M. Kachelriess (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-98/12  *June 98*
The 51Cr and 90Sr sources in BOREXINO as tool for neutrino magnetic moment searches
A. Ianni, D. Montanino (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-98/09 *April 98*
The NOE detector for a long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment
The NOE Collaboration (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-98/10 *April 98*
Presupernova g-Burst and Some Consequences of n~ p-Reaction
O. G. Ryazhskaya (ps, pdf)

INFN/TH -98/03 *March  98*
Ultra high energy cosmic rays
V. Berezinsky

INFN/TH-98/02 *March 98*
Neutrino self-energy and pair creation in neutron stars
M. Kachelriess (ps, pdf)

INFN/TH-98/01 *March 98*
Photon splitting above the pair creation threshold in very strong magnetic fields
M. Kachelriess and G. Wunner (ps, pdf)

 INFN/TC-98/07  *February 98*
The LNGS AFS cell
A. D'Ambrosio, S. Parlati (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-98/03    *January 98*
Simulation of nuclear effects in quasi elastic and resonant neutrino interactions
G.Battistoni, P.Lipari, J.Ranft, E.Scapparone (ps, pdf)

INFN/AE-98/04    *January 98*
Extreme Energy Cosmic Rays (EECR) Observation capabilities of an Airwatch from space mission
Airwatch Collaboration. (ps, pdf)


INFN/TH-97/10    *October 97*
Barionic and cold dark matter
V. Berezinsky

INFN/AE-97/55    *October 97*
The Observation of up-going charged particles produced by High Energy Muons in underground detectors
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/TH-97/11    *October 97*
Solar Neutrino as highlight of astroparticle physics

INFN/TC-97/35    *October 97*
The Earth's magnetic field compensation in the borexino phototubes facility
G. Bacchiocchi et al.

INFN/TH-97/09  *October 97*
Ultra-high energy LSP
V. Berezinsky and M. Kachelriess

INFN/TH-97/08  *October 97*
Ultra-high energy cosmic rays without gzk cutoff
V. Berezinsky, M. Kachelriess, A. Vilenkin

INFN/AE-97/52  *October 97*
Underground neutron spectrometry with a liquid scintillator detector
F. Arneodo, F. Cavanna et al.

INFN/AE-97/50  *September 97*
Production and transport of hadrons generated in nuclear cascades initiated by muons in the rock (Exclusive Approach)
A. Dementyev, V. Gurentsov, O. Ryazhskaya, N. Sobolevsky

INFN/TH-97/07  *September 97*
Helioseismic contraints to the central solar temperature and neutrino fluxes
B.Ricci, V.Berezinsky, Degl'Innocenti, G.Fiorentini, W.A.Dziembowskiz

INFN/TH-97/06  *September 97*
50 TeV HEGRA sources and infrared radiation
V.Berezinsky, L.Bergstrom, H.R..Rubinstein

INFN/TH-97/05  *September 97*
Gravitational violation of R parity and its cosmological signatures
V.Berezinsky, A.Joshipura, J.W.F.Valle

INFN/TH-97/04  *September 97*
Cosmic necklaces and Ultrahigh energy cosmic rays
V.Berezinsky, A.Vilenkin

INFN/TH-97/03  *September 97*
High energy particles from monopoles connected by strings
V.Berezinsky, X.Martin, A.Vilenkin

INFN/AE-97/49  *September 97*
Study of solar neutrino detection in the 600 ton liquid argon ICARUS time projection chamber
R.Dolfini et al.

INFN/AE-97/45   *July 97*
DPMJET version II.3 and II.4
J. Ranft

INFN/AE-97/47     *July 97*
Experimental study of hadronic interaction models using coincident data from EAS-TOP and Macro
EAS-TOP and Macro Collaborations

INFN/AE-97/46     *July 97*
Study of the primary cosmic ray composition in the knee region with EAS-TOP and Macro
EAS-TOP and Macro Collaborations

INFN/AE-97/37     *July 97*
Search for point sources with muons observed by LVD
LVD Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/36     *July 97*
Study of muon energy losses in the LVD experiment
LVD Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/35     *July 97*
Upper limit on the prompt muon fluxs derived from LVD data
LVD Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/34     *July 97*
An energy signature for very deep underground muons observed by the LVD experiment
LVD Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/33     *July 97*
Study of neutrinos from stellar collapses with the LVD experiment in the Gran Sasso Laboratory
LVD Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/43     *July 97*
Search for 30-50 TeV g rays from Markarian 421
EAS-TOP Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/42     *July 97*
Study of the knee of the cosmic ray spectrum in the electron component
EAS-TOP Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/41     *July 97*
Study of the eas cores in the knee region
EAS-TOP Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/40     *July 97*
Primary composition analysis from muons in EAS
EAS-TOP Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/39    *July 97*
The hadron spectrum at 840 gcm-2 average atmospheric depth
EAS-TOP Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/38    *July 97*
Study of the proton-air inelastic cross section at vs=1.6-2.4 TeV from EAS-TOP
EAS-TOP Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/32    *July 97*
Large TeV and GeV muon multiplicities in eas: separation of P and very heavy primaries at 1015 eV
LVD and EAS-TOP Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/31    *July 97*
The high energy muon spectrum in extensive air showers: first data from LVD and  EAS-TOP at Gran Sasso
LVD and EAS-TOP Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/       *June 97*
Real Time Supernova neutrino burst detection with MACRO
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/28     *June 97*
The search for a sideral anisotropy in the underground muon intensity as seen by MACRO
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/27     *June 97*
A sky survey using muons in the MACRO Detector
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/26     *June 97*
Mesaurament of underground muon energies using a TRD in MACRO
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/25     *June 97*
An improved analisis of the underground muon decoherence observed in MACRO
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/24     *June 97*
Observation of upgoing charged particles in MACRO produced by higt energy interactions of muons
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/23     *June 97*
Indirect search for wimps with the MACRO Detector
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/22     *June 97*
Neutrino astronomy with MACRO Detector
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/21     *June 97*
The measurement of the atmospheric muon neutrino flux using MACRO
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/20     *June 97*
Search for nuclearites with the MACRO Detector at Gran Sasso
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/19     *June 97*
Magnetic Monople Search with the MACRO Detector at Gran Sasso
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/44     *June 97*
Real Time Supernova neutrino burst Detection with MACRO
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/AE-97/16     *May 97*
Magnetic monopole search with the Macro detector at Gran Sasso.
MACRO Collaboration

INFN/TH-97/02     *April 97*
Entropy production in the early universe.
P. Di Bari.

INFN/AE-97/13     *April  97*
Systematic study of the features of streamer discharge by means of pulse shape analysis.
G. Battistoni, A. Candela, I. De Mitri, et all

INFN/AE-97/12     *March  97*
A three-dimensional code for muon propagation through the rock: MUSIC.
P. Antonioli, C Ghetti, et all

INFN/AE-97/11     *March  97*
Role of the elettromagnetic processes in the high-energy muon production.
V. A. Kudryavtsev, O. G. Ryazhskaya

INFN/AE-97/10     *February 97*
Simulation of muon transport at high energy: comparison of few different codes.
Battistoni, Forti, Ferrari, Scapparone

INFN/AE-97/08     *February 97*
Muon pair production by muons and narrow muon bundles underground.
V. A. Kudryavtsev, O. G. Ryazhskaya

INFN/AE-97/05    *January  97*
Seasonal variations in the underground muon intensity as seen in MACRO.
(MACRO Collaboration)

INFN/AE-97/04    *January  97*
Performance of the MACRO detector at Gran Sasso: moon shadow and seasonal variations.
(MACRO Collaboration)

INFN/AE-97/03    *January  97*
Performance of transition radiation detector of the MACRO Experiment.
(MACRO Collaboration)


INFN/AE-96/39   *November  96*
Cosmic ray studies around the "knee" of the primary spectrum from EAS-TOP.
(G. Navarra)

INFN/TH-96/07   *October   96*
Dark matter particles.
(V. Berezinsky)

INFN/AE-96/37   *October   96*
Extensive air shower and hadron interactions.
(G. Battistoni)

INFN/TH-96/06   *October   96*
On neutralino stars as microlensing object.
(V. Berezinsky, A. Bottino, Mignola)

INFN/AE-96/35   *October   96*
Energy loss of massive magnetic monopoles and dyons in main sequence stars.
(S. Ahlen, I. De Mitri, J. Hong, G. Tarle')

INFN/AE-96/34   *October  96*
Superheavy magnetic monopoles trapped into the Sun and the solar system.
(Ahlen, De Mitri,J. Hong, G. Tarle')

INFN/AE-96/33   *October  96*
Study of laser induced ioniziation in proportional and streamer tubes filled with helium based gas mixtures.
(Battistoni, Candela, De Mitri, Denni,ecc)

INFN/TH-96/05   *October  96*
Cosmological density of baryons and high energy radiation from clusters of galaxies.
(V. Berezinsky, P. Blasi, V. Ptuskin)

INFN/TH-96/04   *October  96*
Clusters of galaxies as a storage room for cosmic rays.
(V. Berezinsky, P. Blasi, V. Ptuskin)

INFN/AE-96/30   *October   96*
Multicomponent exensive air shower observations at EAS-TOP.
(The EAS-TOP Collaboration)

INFN/AE-96/29   *September  96*
High energy cosmic ray physics with the MACRO detector at Gran Sasso.
Part II. Primary spectra and composition.
(The MACRO Collaboration)

INFN/AE-96/28   *September  96*
High energy cosmic ray physics with the MACRO detector at Gran Sasso.
Part I. Analysis method and experimental results.
(The MACRO Collaboration)

INFN/AE-96/27   *September  96*
L.N.G.S. Annual Report 1995.

INFN/AE-96/22   *July    96*
The performance of MACRO liquid scintillator in the search for magnetic monopoles with 103 <b <1
(The MACRO collaboration)

INFN/AE-96/21   *July   96*
A limit to the rate of ultra high energy  gamma rays in the primary cosmic radiation
(The EAS -TOP Collaboration)

INFN/AE-96/20   *July   96*
The shapes of the atmospheric cherenkov light images from extensive air showers
(The EAS -TOP Collaboration)

INFN/AE-96/19   *July*   96*
Physics and astrophysics with multiple muons
(G. Battistoni, O. Palamara)

INFN/AE-96/16   *May    96*
Comparison of the electron and muon data in Exstensive Air Showers with the expectations from a cosmic ray composition and hadron interaction model.
(the EAS_TOP collaboration)

INFN/AE-96/15   *May    96*
Search for gamma ray bursts at photon  energies E> 10 GeV and E> 80 TeV
(EAS_TOP collaboration)

INFN/AE-96/14   *May    96*
A measurement of the solar and sidereal cosmic ray anisotropy at Eo~1014 eV.
(EAS_TOP collaboration)

INFN/TH-96/13   *May    96*
High energy gamma rays from old accreting neutron stars.
(P. Blasi)

INFN/AE-96/11   *May    96*
NOE: Atmospheric and long baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment.
(NOE Collaboration)

INFN/TH-96/03   *March  96*
Searching for relic neutralinos using Neutrino telescopes.
(V. Berezinsky, A. Bottino,et al)

INFN/AE-96/05   *March     96*
Introduction to high energy cosmic ray physics.
(G.Battistoni, A.Grillo)

INFN/TC-96/03   *March     96*
Performance and Simulation of Glass Spark Counter.
(Bencivenni, De Deo, D'Incecco, Felici, Gustavino)

INFN/TH-96/02   *February  96*
Highlights of Astroparticle Physics.

INFN/TH-96/01   *February  96*
Non-Baryonic dark matter.
(Berezinsky,Bottino, Mignola)


INFN/TH-95/02  *December   95*
Searching for a neutralino magnetic moment with an artificial source and NaI(Tl) scintillators deep underground.
(I.R. Barabanov,P.Belli, R.Bernabei et al)

INFN/TH-95/01  *December   95*
SNI: a new mechanism for gamma ray burst. I. weak magnetic field.
(V. Berezinsky, P. Blasi, B. I. Hnatyk)

LNGS-95/60   *September 95*
Solar Neutrino Problem, 1995.

LNGS-95/59   *September 95*
ICARUS: a first 600-ton module at Gran Sasso Laboratory.
(The ICARUS Collaboration)

LNGS-95/58   *September 95*
Hadrons and other secondaries generated by cosmic ray muons underground.
(Khalchukov, Korolkova, ecc.)

LNGS-95/57   *August  95*
Charge conservation and eletron lifetime: limits from a liquid xenon scintillator.
(DAMA Group)

LNGS-95/56   *August  95*
Last Hope for an astrophysical solution to the solar neutrino problem.
(Berezinsky, Fiorentini, Lissia)

LNGS-95/55   *August  95*
A search for cosmic point sources of muons with the MACRO detector.
(The MACRO Collaboration)

LNGS-95/54   *July  95*
Magnetic monopole searches with the MACRO detector at Gran Sasso.
(The MACRO Collaboration)

LNGS-95/53   *July  95*
A possible Gas for solar neutrino spectroscopy.
(Arpesella, Broggini, Cattadori)

LNGS-95/52   *July  95*
An unfolding method for the energy spectrum measured by the TRD.

LNGS-95/51   *July  95*
Neutralino dark matter in supersymmetric models with non-universal scalar mass terms.
(Berezinski, Bottino, Ellis, Fornengo, Mignola, Scopel)

LNGS-95/50   *July  95*
Improved limits on strongli interacting massive particles with NAI(TL) scintillators.
(BPRS Collaboration)

LNGS-95/41.49  *June  95*
Papers presented by the MACRO Collaboration to the XXIV International Cosmic Ray Conference.
(The MACRO Collaboration)

LNGS-95/13   *June  95*
Hadrons and other secondaries generated by cosmic ray muons underground.
(Khalchukova, Korolkova, Kudryavtsev, Saavedra, Zatsepin)

LNGS-95/14   *June  95*
Solar Neutrino Problem, 1995.

LNGS-95/15.24   *June  95*
Papers Presented by the LVD Collaboration to the XXIV International Cosmic Ray Conference.
(The LVD Collaboration)

LNGS-95/24   *December  95*
Searching for a Neutrino Magnetic Moment with an Artificial Source and Nal(TI) Scintillators deep Underground.
(Barabanov, Belli, Barnabei)

LNGS-95/25.36   *December  95*
Papers Presented by the EAS-TOP Collaboration to the XXIV International Cosmic Ray Conference.
(The EAS-TOP Collaboration)

LNGS-95/37   *June  95*
GALLEX Solar Neutrino observations: complete results for GALLEX II.
(GALLEX Collaboration)

LNGS-95/38   *June  95*
Realizzazione di una stazione a raggi X ad alta intensita'.
(D'Incecco, Romualdi, Tatananni)

LNGS-95/39   *June  95*
Modular Glass Spark Counter.
(Bencivenni, De Deo, D'Incecco, Felici ecc.)

LNGS-95/40   *June  95*
Study of Primary Cosmic Ray Composition in the PeV region with EAS-TOP and MACRO.
(EAS-TOP and MACRO collaborations)

 LNGS-95/12   *June  95*
Performance of a MACRO Transition Radiation Module.
(The MACRO Collaboration)

LNGS-95/11   *June  95*
Performance of the MACRO Streamer Tube System in the Search for Magnetic Monopoles.
(The MACRO Collaboration)

LNGS-95/09   *May  95*
Clusters of Muons Underground: a New Tool for Cosmic Ray Studies.
(Battistoni, Bloise, Forti, Ranft, Scapparone, Sioli)

LNGS-95/08   *April  95*
Chiral Susceptibilities in Noncompact qed: a new determination of the exponent and the critical couplings.
(Azcoiti, Di Carlo, Galante, Grillo, Laliena, Piedrafita)

LNGS-95/07   *March   95*

LNGS-95/06   *March   95*
Neutrino-induced and Atmospheric Single-Muon Fluxes Measured Over Five Decades of Intensity by LVD at Gran Sasso Laboratory.
(LVD Collaboration)

LNGS-95/05   *February 95*
Curvature Radiation by Ultrarelativistic Protons.
(V.Berenzisky, A.Dolgov, M.Kachelrieb)

LNGS-95/04   *February 95*
High Energy Neutrino Astronomy.

LNGS-95/03   *February 95*
Vertical Muon Intensity Measured with MACRO at Gran Sasso Laboratory.
(The MACRO Collaboration)

LNGS-95/02   *January 95*
A Measurement of the negative Muon Spectrum  between 0.3 and 40 GeV/c in the Atmosphere.

LNGS-95/01   *January 95*
A multiton low activity Nal(TI) detector for undergraund physics.
(R. Bernabei et al.)